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The Beginning of Sigma Lambda Beta

April 4th, 1986

Our Founding Fathers

Mario Buendia

Enrique Carbajal

Thomas Carrasquillo

Manuel Chavarria

Jose Fong

Rudolfo Garza

Luis Jimenez

Luis Marquez

Baltazar Mendoza Madrigal

Eric Montes

Kuy Ou 

Olakunle Oyeyemi

Jaime Ramirez

Olivero Rivera


Eugenio Soria

Juan Valdez

Ricardo Zamudio

    During the fall of 1985, Baltazar Mendoza-Madrigal began to explore the idea of establishing a Latino-based fraternity at the University of Iowa.  Having seen the impact organizations like Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity had on their constituency, Mendoza-Madrigal knew something similar could be done for the Latino interest.  Without knowing the impact he would have 27 years down the road, Baltazar starting doing research on this possibility.

    After months of dedicated research, Mendoza-Madrigal called for a special meeting on March 7, 1986.  Held at the Chicano Native American Cultural Center (now known as the Latino Native American Cultural Center), this meeting would bring together the Latino students to discuss the feasibility of creating a social fraternity that would focus on the Latino culture.

    "The Latino community was divided among several social groups at the time," said Mendoza-Madrigal.  The enthusiasm in favor of establishing a social fraternity that could help in unifying the community was so great that word started to spread quickly across the University of Iowa campus.  Everyone knew that something great was about to take place.  After much planning, the ideology and philosophy of this new organization were finalized on April 4th, 1986.  Henceforth, this day is recognized as the official founding date of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity at The University of Iowa.

    After 27 years, our Fraternity has grown to over 100 collegiate entities spanning across 29 states from Coast to Coast.  Moreover, our membership has expanded beyond our Hispanic-Latino origins making us one of the most culturally diverse Greek lettered organizations.

The Texas Powerhouse

November 22nd, 1996

Eta Alpha Chapter 


Jesse "JEFITO" Ortega

Mateo "EL PRIMER VILLA" Aguirre

Lee "HUEVO" Senteno

Joe "NALGON" Schelanko

Fernando "EL PAPA" Salazar

Ramon "SEIS BANDERAS" Garcia

Isaac "POLITICO" Faz

Mike "VETERANO" Gonzales

Carlos "MANAS" Quinones

Roman "LENGUA" Santellana

David "SENTIDO" Omo

Charles "TITO" Guajardo

Joey "ESQUINA" Tellez

Alex "NOCH" Rodriguez
Mike "SINMANGAS" Molina
Dionicio "OSO" Rodriguez
Arnold "CONEJO" Gonzalez
Andy "SODA" Gonzalez
John T. "EL WOOKIE" Gonzales
Gilberto "EL JALON" Becerra
Paul "ARQUERO" Landa
Manuel "CACHETE" Arroyo
Rey "NO GUEY" Ramirez
Daniel "RISAS" Vega
Edwin "SALSERO" Batista
Carlos "SUAVE" Chavez

On January 1996, Brother Carlos Chavez and Brother Jesus Ortega met to discuss a solution for what both considered a dilemma. Brother Jesus and Brother Carlos faced the difficulty of attempting to increase the Latino unity at the University of Texas at Austin and noticed a decreasing unity between Latinos.


They set out to design a solution and Brother Carlos and Brother Jesus took it upon themselves to search for a new organization that would create this much needed common bond while hoping to enhance all the individuals that participated. With one of the largest Latino campus populations in the country, the University of Texas had much to offer a new growing Latino organization. Brother Jesus and Brother Carlos found the most complete resolution to 

their problem; a fraternity called Sigma Lambda Beta.


On February 24, 1996, 17 dedicated leaders, each selectively chosen from different Latino organizations around campus, attended the first interest group meeting of Sigma Lambda Beta on the first floor of the Texas Union. During the meeting Brother Jesus spoke of the enhancement of the Latino man and the goals of the newly founded group. The next few months of the semester were spent attending weekly meetings, and the 17 interest group members worked hard to maintain a stable financial balance in anticipation of a colony petition.


On June 26, 1996, colony status was granted to the interest group members at the University of Texas at Austin, and the newly formed line of "La Familia" was born. The intensity grew to unlimited potential when Brother Augustin Martinez III was selected by the National Board of Directors to be the Dean of Pledges for the "La Familia" line of the newly founded colony. On September 4, 1996 Brother Gus Martinez initiated twenty-three men into the "La Familia" line in the Chicano Culture Room on the third floor of the Texas Union. Four days later on September 8, 1996 - a second initiation ceremony was held in the apartment of Brother Gus Martinez - eight more proud men began their associate membership in Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc.


On November 22, 1996, 26 members of the "La Familia" line crossed to become brothers in Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc and began a legacy of excellence. 

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